The UAW Community Action Program (CAP) was created in the 1960’s to develop and advance policies that improve social and economic conditions and enrich the quality of life for all people.  Your CAP committee stays actively involved in all elections and campaigns. Please don’t hesitate to engage in conversation with one of your CAP committee members – your opinion and vote matters!



Jim Panei – President
James Osche – Vice-President
John Rodgers – Recording Secretary
Ray Mitch – Financial Secretary
Ray Hinton – Rate and Incentive Chairman
Joe Farone – Retiree
Joe Betro – Boiler House
Joe DeMatt – Retiree
Bill Spohn, Retiree
Dave Sheppeck – Electronic Services
Hank Leyland – North Processing
Roy Koegler – Central Mtc Shops
Tim Hinchberger – Hot Mill
Joe Marquez – Retiree
Lenny King – Roll Grinding

Please contact the Union office at 724-602-0199 to become involved in this UAW committee!


Pennsylvania CAP (Community Action Program) Dept.

1375 Virginia Dr., Suite 201
Fort Washington, Pa.19034
TEL: (215) 591-0830
FAX: (215) 591-0839


UAW President Bob King

A message from UAW President Bob King

Our union began 75 years ago as a movement for social and economic justice for everyone in society. In the mid-20th century, the UAW played a critical role in building the middle class in this nation. It would be a betrayal of the bold and pioneering heritage of our union if we did not engage in bold and dramatic action to address the challenges of rebuilding a global middle class for the 21st century.

In the past year, we have emerged from the most dramatic and historic crisis that has ever faced our membership and our union. But the upward climb toward stability is still a long journey for many Americans.

Millions of Americans are still unemployed, and many of those with a job still lack the basic human right to organize and have a voice at the table.

We strongly believe that the best instrument for winning economic and social justice for all is preserving and protecting the right to organize. Organizing new members builds power for these new members and builds power for our current members. When we increase our numbers and increase our political activism, we increase our political power to achieve our legislative goals and priorities.

Another very important component to building power is building effective, aggressive coalitions with allies who are also concerned about social and economic justice for all. Many of you joined thousands of UAW members, members from other unions, members from important coalition partners and activists from around the country here in Washington in October to fight for a progressive agenda. It was here we cemented our commitment to jobs, peace and justice and to move these issues forward collectively.

We need to build on this and organize a vast social justice movement to win the justice we all deserve. Winning justice is our path to overcoming the inequalities many workers now face on a daily basis. Winning justice raises the standard of living for all workers. Winning justice is our key to restoring the middle class. Winning justice means full employment for every person in the country.

Defending the middle class and all working families is a fight that we are determined to win. Organizing is a key element in our strategy. When we have a majority of workers in an industry, it is nearly impossible to ignore our agenda.

Throughout the country, we are signing up our active and retired members in our GimmeFIVE program. GimmeFIVE recruits and engages members in a new and innovative mobilizing program to Organize, Build Power and Win Justice for our union and community. If you are not already signed up, please do so at the 2011 CAP Conference.

At this year’s conference, we are going to discuss with our membership the legislative priorities of this union, but also galvanize our forces to battle the war on workers at both the local and national level.

This year’s legislative priorities are key essentials as we fight the status quo and demand better for our members and all working people. When you are asked to call your legislator, or cast your vote, or stand together on picket lines and at rallies, please answer the call. The right-wing attack on the middle class must end, and it’s going to take the efforts of each and every one of us to beat back inequality to win.

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Organize! Build Power! Win Justice!

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