Our Election Committee works hard, mostly on their own time, to conduct all Union votes and elections!

Please don’t hesitate to let our committee members know their well appreciated for the devotion to our Local!

  • Lisa Hutchinson – Labor
  • Tom Ray – Hot Mtc
  • Will Scott – Cast Mtc.
  • Richard Parker – Cast Mtc.
  • Lee Fosnaught – HVAC
  • John Fosnaught – HVAC
  • Gerald Werner – Loco Shop
  • Tim Hinchberger – Hot Mill
  • Veronica BayerClerical


  • Click here for a link to the U.S. Department of Labor’s comprehensive website with all you need to know about federal rules for how local union elections should be run.  This information will be really helpful with local union elections coming up.  Make sure you know the facts and help your fellow local members understand them, too.  Thanks to Region 1C LUPA Advisory Council member Debi Kirchner for sharing this link.