Committee constructs Born Learning Trail at Armco Park

Committee Members

Donna Weckerly – Chair
Jim Panei – President
Brian Cossitor – Vice President
Bonnie Harbison – Chaplain
Bob Rock – Chaplain
Chuck Becker – Chaplain
Joe DeMatt – retiree

If you would like to join this very devoted and uplifting committee, please contact Donna Weckerly at 724-284-2949.



The Labor Community Services and Education Committee develops programs and materials to help both working and unemployed UAW members and their families in the areas of health and social services.

The Community Services and Education Committee and Union Chaplains can link members and their families with health, financial, or other problems to government and private agencies in their community who can best assist them.

The Labor Community Services and Education Committee works hand-in-hand with the Butler County Labor Council and the United Way of Butler County.


"Helping Us Help Others"


A special ‘thank you’ to the members of UAW Local 3303 for their recent donation to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank.  Our local’s donation will help provide a balanced diet for the clients of this food bank.  Our gift will be put to good use to ensure the continuance of this vital service.


Labor unions have been partners with United Way for more than sixty years.  Traditionally, unions have worked with the United Way  through workplace campaigns to raise funds for United Way.   Because of the downturn in the economy, workplace campaigns are bringing in less money because of lay-offs  and plant closings.   Organized labor is stepping forward to help even more in these hard economic times.  What they are doing is making the principle of working together a reality, impacting all who live in our communities, making this a community of neighbors.


Working Families - Home

The Labor Project for Working Families partners with unions to advocate for family friendly workplaces because no one should have to choose between work and family.

Founded in 1992, the Labor Project is a national non-profit organization that educates and empowers unions to organize, bargain and advocate for family friendly workplaces. We build broad based coalitions that unite labor, community and advocacy groups to advance policies that put families first.

  • Respecting Caregiver Diversity
    We believe that a family friendly workplace is one that values caregivers – both paid and unpaid – and respects their diverse needs to promote a healthy and viable balance between work and home life. We recognize a broad definition of family that includes an array of relationships and living situations.
  • Building Solidarity
    We believe that unions play a pivotal role in advancing family friendly policies as part of a broader effort to promote the health and economic security of working families. We support workers’ right to organize and collectively bargain as an essential strategy for improving workplace standards. We strive to build solidarity between unions, advocacy and community groups in all our work.
  • Valuing Innovation
    We believe in thinking big and breaking new ground. We are in it for the long haul and we are committed to growth and change as the workforce evolves. We seek and heed a diversity of opinions from our colleagues, partners and all those with whom we interact to build innovative solutions for complex problems.

Partnering with unions to put families first.