The Women’s Committee works hard to raise awareness about important issues in and around our local communities.  Fund raisers, picnics, food drives and childrens’ activities is just a short list of events that this committee can get involved in.  If you have a creative or exciting idea for this committee, don’t be shy, speak up!

Donna Weckerly – Recording Secretary
Carol Gallagher – Metallurgy

Please contact the union office at 724-284-2248 to become involved with this UAW committee!

The Coalition of Labor Union Women is America’s only national organization for union women. Formed in 1974, CLUW is a nonpartisan organization within the union movement.

The primary mission of CLUW is to unify all union women in a viable organization to determine our common problems and concerns and to develop action programs within the framework of our unions to deal effectively with our objectives.

At its founding convention in Chicago, Illinois, CLUW adopted four basic goals of action: to promote affirmative action in the workplace; to strengthen the role of women in unions; to organize the unorganized women; and to increase the involvement of women in the political and legislative process.

These goals continue to be the cornerstone of CLUW’s activities as members speak out for equal pay, child and elder care benefits, job security, safe workplaces, affordable health care, contraceptive equity, and protection from sexual harassment and violence at work.

With members from 54 international and national unions across the U.S. and Canada, CLUW has a strong network of more than 40 chapters. CLUW is endorsed by the AFL-CIO and its international and national unions. CLUW local chapters educate members, keep them up-to-date on a variety of issues of concern to working families, and provide a support network for women in unions.

Interested in joining our local CLUW chapter?

Contact Donna Weckerly at (724) 284-2949 for more information