Helping the UNEMPLOYED  

You lost your job. You’re not alone. 31 million Americans face the same challenges. You want your job back. You want your life back. But you can’t do it alone. Neither can anyone else. You all need each other. That’s what UCubed is here to do: Help you and 31 million other Americans organize, work together and get back to work. Let UCubed help you connect. Form a cube, and multipy your political and economic power by 6. Then by 36. Eventually, by 31 million. Take Control. 

Here you will find a comprehensive list of links to important agencies, community service groups and many Union organizations that can help keep you informed about labor issues and neighborhood events!   



Advancing Democracy in the American Workplace – American Rights at Work  


Alliance for Retired Americans  


American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees   


American Labor Studies Center 


Stop Workplace Bullying – U.S. campaign for Workplace Bullying Laws   


Butler County United Labor Council, AFL-CIO   


Coalition of Labor Union Women   


Concern Services – Employee Assistance Program 


Department of Labor   


The Department for Professional Employees, AFL-CIO (DPE) comprises 24 AFL-CIO unions representing over four million people working in professional, technical and administrative support occupations.  DPE-affiliated unions represent:  teachers, college professors and school administrators; library workers; nurses, doctors and other health care professionals; engineers, scientists and IT workers; journalists and writers, broadcast technicians and communications specialists; performing and visual artists; professional athletes; professional firefighters; psychologists, social workers and many others.  DPE was chartered by the AFL-CIO in 1977 in recognition of the rapidly-growing professional and technical occupations.   




IAM Pension plan  


Made In The USA Forever – all American made products  


Occupational Hazards – The Authority on Occupational Safety, Health and Loss Prevention   




Pennsylvania Unions web site links  


The Union Edge Talk Show Radio   


T Rowe Price Investment Services   


United Auto Workers main website


Labor History Resource Guide

Check out the websites of our fellow union brothers and sisters at the other AK Steel facilities:  

IAM Local Lodge 1943 Middletown, Ohio   

UAW Local 3044 was organized in 2003 to represent the approximately 200 production technicians at AK Steel in Rockport, Indiana.  Their current employment is approximately 190 technicians.